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“Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than the master of one”

Father, Designer, Entrepreneur.

Over the past decade I have been working on self development, and business development.


It's been quite the challenge, always finding new things I want to do, but trying to stay on track.  I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Tourettes, and though that can be challenging, it has by far been my greatest asset.

I was never really good at school; sitting still in a classroom listening to someone talk about things I didn't care about was not my cup of tea.
I was always more fascinated about what was going on outside, in the real world.

However i did do well in a couple of classes, such as art, music, gym etc. 
I was a practical learner, and had a lot of excess energy to burn of, both physically and mentally.

I barely passed high school, but I managed pretty well after. 
I never had much problem getting jobs, considering I spent most of my time socializing and making new acquaintances. 

One of the downsides I notices from my diss-advantages was that I easily lost interest in the jobs I had. I would change jobs three or more times a year.
So from the age of 17 to 25 I had had over 20 different places of employment.
And incase you were wondering; that does not look good on a resumé.

But during this time in my life, I also started to test out entrepreneurship.


I started my first company in 2010 at age 19, and as you can guess, that didn't go as planned. 
Starting a business was way harder than I imagined, and there were so many things you needed to know to make it. So I went on a journey to learn all of these things. Most of the things I learned, I learned reading by books and reading (credible) articles online, but I also took a few classes at University learning more specific subjects regarding entrepreneurship, such as creating a full business plan, equipped with marketing strategies, financial plans, goals for the near and distant future.
All things that seemed to get more and more important for me over the following years.

Getting a further understanding of all the aspects of starting and running a business, has been paramount to my success so far, and will come in to play much more so in the future, and thus I keep educating myself, and stribe to learn as much as I possibly can.

However, business, studies and work is not the only thing occupying my time anymore.


In 2015 I became a father. This really gave me a kick in the pants!

We all need some form of motivation; a drive that keeps us on track, and for me, that was without a doubt, my daughter.
She gave me a purpose to follow, in regards of doing it all for her, and her future