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Make shit happen!

"One should never have to sacrifice dreams for comfort . Never blindly assume that you can't accomplish anything."

The Dream of running ones own company is a dream many have but few act upon. About 90% of the people who try dont make it.. these are the people that gave up.

So do what makes you happy.
Get a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life.


Get your self three hobbies;

One to nourish your creativity,
One to keep you in shape,
And one to make you money.


Public speaking

I have a great fondness for talking, and speaking to ensembles of people.
Primarily what I talk about is branding and business development, however I always prefer to talk about motivation, and drive.

Most of the time during my live speeches, I end up questioning my audience what, how and why.
As in what do you want to do, how do you plan to see it through, and why do you want it.


What I do.


My role in this is what I like to call, a “practical investor”.
Meaning; Instead of chucking money your way, I use my skillset to help you move forward with your idea.
In return, as with any other investor, I take a small portion of your company.

In doing it this way you are securing your finances in the startup phase, freeing up funds that can be spent on e.g. R&D, or marketing.
And also; if you dont make money, nor do I.
So I am highly inclined to do whatever I can to make you successful.


Public Speaking.
Investing and Consulting.


Founder, and Owner.
Media co.
Web- and Graphics design.


Solforsynt AS

Co-Founder, Co-owner.
Energy Co.
Solar Power.


Business development and strategy.


Most of my days are spent helping others start or develop their companies. Most of what I do is web based; creating a functional and elegant website, social media accounts that link together, and connect everything to your company profile.

Creating a profile for the company based on their beliefs, and core foundation is an integral part of the development of their business profile, and their brand.

The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.
— Mark Zuckerberg

Developing a strategy for this is the biggest challenge of all, but I always do my best. And to make sure you get the best of the best, I team up with lots of parties with specialisations in every conceivable aspect of brand strategy, including, but not limited to; Brand Design, business development, SEO and SoMe Marketing.

Everything will be designed to connect, and fit together like pieces of a puzzle.



In difference to most other investors, I don’t supply funding to your company, but rather do the job you would spend that funding on.

The upside to this is guaranteed efficiency, and a service that will be developed till it works.
If you dont make money, nor do I.

I prefer this type of business because it is mutually beneficial.
You don’t spend a ton of money on something with no guarantees, and I make bank if you do.



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